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5 Top Fabrics to Drape in the Scorching Summers

How about sarees in summer? We know you love the elegant drape but it’s the scorching heat that’s causing all the worries. But sarees make some of the most beautiful summer style statements and you simply can’t afford to miss out on them this season. It’s just that you have to be slightly mindful about the fabrics. Much to your convenience, the post below lists down the best fabrics to drape in the sweltering summers.


Cotton is hands-down the queen of fabrics when it comes to sarees in summer. It feels light & soft on the body, assuring a very comfortable drape. The best part about it is the airy loops in between the fabric knits which allow easy air circulation to keep you cool in the humid days. Cotton is amazingly breathable and beats the burning heat vibes like no other. Besides, cotton absorbs moisture & would prevent excessive sweating. Moreover, cotton is anyday more affordable than most of the other fabrics around.

However, please don’t dry cotton sarees in your dryer. It’s better you hang-dry them to prevent shrinking.

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Linen is the best for the summer birthday parties and festive occasions. It’s a great natural fiber derived from flax which gives you that desired relaxed feel in scorching months. The fabric acts like an A.C. It absorbs sweat & keeps the body cool for long. Moreover, linen boasts a subtle sheen that elevates the drape to a whole new classy level. You have this saree in a wide number of colors today. But if you want a unique dimension to your style statement, go for dual-toned linen sarees and pure linen sarees price

One thing with linen: it wrinkles easily. But don’t worry, in case such things happen with your linen saree - spray some water on the wrinkles & then just smoothen the area with hand.


Kota sarees are the one when you want the all 3- sophistication, style and comfort -within budget. They are not exactly your everyday wear and would be great for your office parties and cozy celebrations with near and dear ones. The fabric is hailed for its lightweight comfy feel and there is something very uniquely refreshing about Kota. It mostly features cotton-silk weave where cotton assures strength & durability while silk ensures the needed breezy transparency.

Most importantly, the fabric features an uneven pattern of weaving shaping up into prominent graph like structures throughout the material. These are called “Khat” and are the main reason behind the awesome weightless comfort of the Kota sarees. You will find the Kota sarees with zari borders or attached embroidered borders or sequins for an added glam feel.

Original silk

There is a common misconception that silk sarees are a trouble in hot summer but it’s a myth to be debunked immediately. The reality is original silk fabric is one of the most convenient wears in the humid months – as much as it is in the winter. The fabric boasts an excellent absorbing property which dries up the moisture fast so that it’s all very easy-breezy for you. Moreover, silk is hypoallergenic and hence would be great for those who are sensitive to allergies. Then yes, the lavish silk is also all about class, elegance and glamour to the T.  It’s durable as well and all Indian women have gorgeous silk sarees passed down to with love by mothers and grandmothers as proud family legacy.

So, if you have a wedding invitation next week, count on your original silk collection.


Khadi is undoubtedly one of the hottest fabrics today not just in India but also all across the world. Don’t let the coarse look fool you as underneath all that coarseness rests an extremely soothing fabric. It’s easy on the body and hence is always great for the hot & humid climate of the country. Apart from amazing comfort, Khadi also assures low maintenance. Then, Khadi sarees are some of the most graceful of all sarees and would be a lovely pick for a wedding or any celebration.

So, which one would be your pick this summer? On a second thought, why not all? 

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