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Colours And Passion Weaved In The Khesh Sarees of Bengal

The moment the world talks about India, culture and tradition are the two words they acentuate. But there’s something more that adds a classy, traditional yet fashionable touch to the Indian legacy. Those 6 yards weaved with assorted colors and lots of passion not only add up elegance to the calm, pleasing beauty of Indian women, rather it mesmerizes the entire world with its undeniable appeal. Moreover, the scope of saree online shopping has made it more interesting to people abroad.

 Sarees That Never Go Out of Fashion

 Todsys women don’t wear sarees in daily life. But in any occasion, festivity, or a simple family get together, saree is the first preference till date. And we know, this saree love will never fade out. Nothing can be as colourful as a saree, nothing can be as appealing as a saree. And the latest designs, drapes have make saree more fashionable, more trendy. At Bursana, we strive to bring the best of Bengal Handloom Sarees Designs to offer you the pure Bengal essence. Explore our exclusive collection of the enthralling Khesh Saree and Kerala Cotton Sarees get the best one for yourself or for a loved one. .

 Then and Now

 We need to go back deep long to find out the exciting art of weaving. It is Indus Vally civilization that has brought the tradition of weaving pieces of cotton and silks. From then to now, the cotton or silk fabric pieces have travelled for ages and now the piece of cloth is the magical 6 yards.

 With the changing time and taste, sarees have passed through indefinite alterations in fabric, motifs, design, draping, presentation, demand. Same happens with saree shopping. With the changing lifestyle and socio-ecomic status, online saree shopping has become inseperable. 

 Weaves and Styles

 Bengal has its own weaves and styles which is prominently different from others. Taant saree, cotton saree, jamdani sarees , baluchari saree, silk are some classic weaves of Bengal. And Khesh Saree is the new inclusion.

 Khesh has its own century-old history but in saree form, Khesh sarees are very new and amazing artistic creations.

Rooting deep into Tagore’s Shantiniketan and the handcrafts, Khesh is an exclusive way to recycle old cotton sarees, cotton stole, bed cover etc. The unique weaving style of Khesh (Know in detail) makes it randomly colorful and surprising.


Never let the surprises go away from your life. Live with surprises and enjoy every colour coming randomly in your life. Give a chance to the colourful gorgeous Khesh sarees to adore your beuaty with passion. Now Khesh saree makes it easier for you to get indulged in the colours and styles. Shop more @Bursana and sport the ethnic Bengali look in a glamorous manner. 

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