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Get your Wardrobe a Makeover with Traditional Bengali Sonamukhi Silk Sarees

Bengal, The cultural capital of India, is the hub of literature, music and fine arts.
As we know Bengal is famous for its culture which is usually stated by the term ‘bold & beautiful’. Similarly, there is the famous White and Red border sari, which is the symbol of Bengali ethnicity. Whenever we think of ethnic wear in Bengal, only one thing comes in our mind “Sari”.
People in Bengal are fascinated about for Bengali silk saree. Whenever there is any Function, be it someone’s wedding or any puja function, everywoman’s first choice is saree. Even for office, women in Bengal favor to wear the sari, may be the light ones, but preferably sari. Now, Bengal is not only famous for its, womenloving sari, but also, for different types of sari being produced there which signifies the diversity in the state.
Speaking of the same, I would like to take you through the various types of saris found in Bengal. Although Tant and baluchuri saris are the most famous among women in Bengal, but there are other types which are gaining popularity these day. Call it due to the fast pace of life, women prefer light weighted saris.
Murshidabad silk: Bengal is not only famous for its Tant and Cotton saree but it’s also a major silk sari producer. This sari is named after the Murshidabad district in WB where it is produced. It is called “Pure Silk” as no chemicals are used to enhance its glow, it’s purely Handloom Sarees Designs. These sarees are mostly light weighted and comes in vibrant colors.

Dhakai Jamdani saree : Originated from Dhaka in Bangladesh, saree has got its name from “Dhakai” from Dhaka in Bangladesh and “Jamdani” from its typical design. Typically these saris are transparent in looks and are made from Cotton & Resham threads. jamdani sarees price are for all ages, one can wear it in various occasions from Wedding to College farewells. The “Korat” designs are famous among youngsters.
Tussar silk: Tussar silk saree are also known as Kosa Silk. Tussar silk is the combination of hint of cotton and special silkworm. “Buti” and “Pata” are the famous designs among women. Tussar silk are also famous for its Kantha stitch designs. The texture of the tussar silk saree gives it a royal look.
Baluchuri: These saris were mainly produced in Murshidabad district of WB. Now-a-days it is produced in Bishnupur district. This saree takes approximately a week to be prepared. The design on the pallu and Par of the Baluchuri saris are not like any other saris, but it depicts epic scenes from famous mythology. Due to its weaving styles these saris won many awards, and are marked as a symbol of aristocracy.
Tant: It is the most famous among all the types of saris found in West Bengal. The tant sari is weaved all over West Bengal, but mainly it is weaved in Nadia, Murshidabad & Hoogly. Considering hot and humid climate of India & the lightness of Tant Saree Designs it’s the most preferred one. It is also preferred by most working women for daily office/formal wear.
All the above mentioned saris are unique in themselves; one can choose from various range & Colors and drape it beautifully. If you are looking for a place where you can final all, visit, you will not be disappointed!

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