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Khesh Sarees in India

The word khesh  users in lots of beautiful colors and variety of combinations. It has been standing strong as a prized possession of Bengal with a dash of beautiful colors. khesh Saree  successfully stands tall amongst its other competitors of art forms and is a winner in every way.

If we turn the pages in history we can see, Khesh weaving originated from Birbhum district of West Bengal, long before we and the other global giants patronized the "Reuse - Recycle " motto, Birbhum was doing it. What happens is, they warp with new yarn and the weft is with strips of thin cloth obtained by tearing old sarees lengthwise. Many of the traditional weavers in Birbhum who have learnt the craft from their fathers agree on the fact that the technique of weaving with shreds of old sarees, was started in Shilpa Sadan in the early 1920s.Since then the Khesh has been a favorite child of all.

But the process of making something so picturesque is not as easy as it seems, tearing up an old saree is a laborious job and needs patience and effort as an old saree will generate somewhere around 70-80 strips. Then there is the process of tying up the strips according to the desired effects. Actually, the West Bengal State Handloom Weavers’ Coop. Society Ltd, which is the Apex body of the primary weavers’ coop. societies of the State is mainly undertaking the responsibility for supply of inputs and marketing of Handloom Sarees Designs products of primary societies. The Apex Society is also engaged in organizing and developing markets for handloom products within the State and outside the State. As per 2010 census, 44 lac families are engaged in hand weaving. In 2011-12, the handloom industry wove 6900 million square meters of cloth.

If we talk about Khesh in particular, the demand for this saree is ever increasing and now in recent times, the Khesh technique is being used to make bags , kurta , kurtis and other durables. Most importantly nowadays as tourism is flourishing in India and West Bengal the saree is also getting its much deserved exposure. People are buying sarees from the weavers in bulk or from the markets of Bolpur. People in Kolkata and in other parts of the world, who fancy this wonderful creation are going online to get their desired saree. If we look at the facts and figures, The Indian handloom scene has a long way to go but we can safely say that the Khesh saree is surely on its way to its apex glory.

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