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Linen Saree : Comfort and Fashion

If  Fashion is not complemented with comfort, it’s never going to last. pure linen sarees price are one of those requisites in an Indian woman’s wardrobe which is pure comfort, stylish and elegant at the same time. The advantages of wearing linen fabric in hot weather are the coolness they provide. The weave and linen fibrespecifics of linen fabric allow more airflow and it doesn’t cling to your skin letting the body to breathe.

Linen is highly absorbent of heat and perspiration and the garment feels cool to the touch. Linen reflects heat better too so that one feels cooler in a hot and humid climate. It did not just make you feel comfortable and easy but confident and pretty too!

Along with natural luster and comfort, linen has qualities like strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. The fabric can take on a whole lot of colors, shades & textures and come in a wide range of variety. There was a time when Linen saree was considered dull and sober but today, the innovative designs, the classy finish and the vibrant colors of Bengal linen saree celebrities’ pick. The fresh colours and refreshing designs not just make you look stunning but let you celebrate the age-old classy attire of Indian women.

The lightweight Phulia pure linen sarees price make you the center of attention in whichever room you walk into. Hand-woven pure Linen saris are easy to maintain and do not require regular searching. Known for their attractive borders and pallu, these simple yet classy saris are preferable for corporate meetings, casual outings or invites. Traditionally woven on a hand loom by craftspeople in Bengal, these saris are the finest forms of handloom weaving.  

As an alternative to silk and cotton, designers are using linen differently. They spend months experimenting with the yarn and the weave to arrive at saris that have a sheen, a good fall and don’t feel heavy using finer yarns, counts ranging from the 80s to 100s. These saris are lightweight with a loose weave so that they don’t get crumpled easily. Most creations are solely pure linen but at times occasional blends with silks, wool or cotton. Linen sari with hand block cotton fabric,chanderi silk hand block fabric, Bagru hand block cotton fabric, pure linen with hand paintings, batic print, pure linen saris with jamdani sarees price weaving with floral or geometric pattern, etc numerous designs or pattern are in trend these days. Linen takes natural dyes easily.

Since linen is a natural fabric, the look and feel of it are incomparable just like cotton and silk. Even if it gets a little crumpled due to perspiration it’s easy to carry and can be smoothened easily. The natural unevenness that comes in the fabric due to weaving adds more value to the fabric. A lot of research is done before weaving these saris as to what type of weave to be used like basket weave or plain weave, warp or weft-based sari, which yarn to be used, and many other permutations and combinations are used for making these designer saris so that customers get the best of options. So if you are looking for a sari that serves style with comfort, you should definitely try for one of these Bengal linen sarees

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