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select from a wide range of bengal silk sarees

In West Bengal, whether you are a Probashi or an expat, people strive hard to maintain thetradition in the festivals theycelebrate. The rich culture of Bengal, which evolved from time to time with the changing reigns in the history, have always had an impact on the life and lifestyle of the people of Bengal. Bengal Silk sarees just add up to that drama.

The most popular festival celebrated in West Bengal is Durga Puja. When you think about Durga Puja, you don’t just think about the decorations and festivities and food, but above all you think about the new attire you are going to wear to flaunt to your near and dear ones. For women, it’s buying a new silk sari which holds a lot of importance for that matter. Teenagers or students, a young girl in love or a new bride, a mother or a next door neighbour, a common woman or a fashionista, all they want is to flaunt a new nice silk sari. And when you have a culture as rich as Bengal, there is no dearth in range of silk you can pick from.

A wide range of silk saris are available to cater from celebrities to common women according to their taste and budget and for different occasions different types of silk sari are recommended. For instance a Korial or Garad sari, both are with white or off white base and red/ maroon border, are mostly worn on Vijayadashmi in Durga puja. It is believed that it is a representation of Shakti inside the woman. The difference between the Korial and Garad sari is that the latter has a thinner border and have flower shaped symbols or other motifs throughout the white base.

If you have taste for fine silk, nothing beats a nice baluchari sari made from Tussar silk. Tussar is produced in the Maldah district of Bengal and is much textured and cultered from the hives of mulberry. Cheap Tussar Silk Sarees, also known as Kosa silk, is mostly famous for its patta and butty stlyle. The Kantha stich is mostly seen in Tussar silk.

Blaucharisaris originated in the village Baluchar of Murshidabad.Baluchari saris portray scenes and snippets from Indian mythology in the Pallu. So its best suited when worn with a flowing pallu to enhance the look.

Hand woven with Egyptian cotton and silk, jamdani sarees price is a must for high profile events or parties, weddings and festivals.

Bengal is famous for its wide range of luxurious silk saris and Murshidabad Silk sari is one of them. Casual get together or bigger functions, you cannot go wrong with this if you want to create an impressions. With pleasing and colourful designs, also available in Batik print, this is a must have from teenagers to sophisticated women.

In recent years a new Handloom Sarees Designs weaving style is created known as Fulia. Made in Ghicha, mulberry silk, tussar, matka, kerala cotton sarees etc. the textures are really amazing. Weavers use different permutations and combinations to yarn the fabric, so the variety of base fabric used to make this sari is endless.



Pure Matka silksarees are made from the thickest mulberry silkworm yarns.One needs to buy Matka silk Bengali sari to feel the essence and pure joy of draping nature around you woven with amazing and various kinds of artwork. The adorable texture is acquired from the sericin coating on the yarn.

Tangailis also another form of silk sari produced in Bengal incarnated from Jamdani weaving as silk is easier to sew and weave. The sheen or lustre is incomparable.

So, when you have such a rich heritage of Bengal silk saris and numerous patterns to choose from, then why not?

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