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Things you have always wanted to know about Traditional Bengali Sarees

Discover the Mystical World of Traditional Bengali Sarees

Often in the minds of Non-Bengali,  Traditional Bengali Sarees means the one and only White and Red border cotton sari. Although it is true that in every puja or function Bengali women prefer the same, if we look closely, Bengali saris are more than that. Each and every state of Bengal has its own special sari type. Bengali saris are not only about type of material/fabric used to make sari but also about the color and design. Each and every type of sari has its unique design and color. Let me take you through some of the famous saris of Bengal and its designs, so that when you next visit Bengal you know what exactly to look for.


Tant saris are the Traditional Bengali saris of Kolkata. It flourished during the Mughal reign, but declined during British Rule, as it hampered their textile industry. It again thrived after the British left. Nowadays, Tant Saree Designs are very popular in Bengal and also Bangladesh. Tant saris are made of pure cotton threads. The body of the sari is of 6meter and weaved with light cotton while the border is made a little thick to avoid worn out. Traditionally tant saris were made with the Handloom Sarees Designs, while now a days; it is made with the help of power looms. Tant sari sports floral and paisley motifs design in its traditional form. Sometimes tant saris come with hand embroideries. Modern day tant varies from the traditional one as it has zari work in the borders. Various designs include the zari- peta pad having wide border woven with gold lace, cream, and maroon baluchuri, royal banarasi tant giving a modern look to the tank saris Zardari thread, floral designer tant especially for summers etc.

Murshidabad Silk

It has got its origin from Dhaka in Bangladesh. Later on, when the Nawab of Bengal moved his capital from Dhaka in Bangladesh to Murshidabad, he took with himself the famous Murshidabad Silk sari. It is mainly produced in Baluchur town of Murshidabad. Sarees are very rich in composition and are having silk brocade design created on a silk base having bright and beautiful colors. The most preferred colors among women are Green, Blue, Scarlet, and Yellow. Murshidabad silk is famous for its design patterns from daily life. There are basically two types of design found in Murshidabad silk sarees, one is the normally printed saree and the other one is the Batik Printed silk saree.


These saris were originally produced in Dhaka, in Bangladesh. These saris are fabricated on brocade loom. The weaving technique of jamdani sarees price is very different from other saris. The weave pattern is drawn on the graph sheet. Jamdani comes in bright and beautiful colors and the weaves are usually of the same color as of the fabric. These saris come in various designs such as broad borders with lamp, lotus and fish designs. Originally from Dhaka, these saris can be found in every part of West Bengal.

Owing to the above fabulous range of saris in West Bengal, it becomes irresistible not to have each and every type of sari in one’s wardrobe, especially for a sari lover.  The beautiful designs of these saris will never go out of fashion and one can sport a  Traditional Bengali sari in every occasion and festival without a doubt. Buy a piece of this unique culture and make it yours by visiting us and book online.

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