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Your Trusted Online Saree Seller Bursana weaves Tradition

Bengal is never restricted within the borders and the rich Bengali culture & heritage stretch beyond the boundaries. Bursana, your most trusted online saree seller, offers you to taste the bests of Bengal, sitting at home, office and at anywhere you like to. Now, buying traditional sarees of Bengal is easier than ever and we are your proud service provider.


Bursana Knows The Tradition


We are in a good touch with our clientele and we know what they want. Keeping all your choices in mind we stockpile our collection with assorted variety of traditional Bengali sarees. Most popular traditional sarees of Bengal includes Tant (the very 1st one to come in mind), jamdani sarees price, Pure Mulberry Silk of Murshidabad, Bishnupur, Baluchari, Garad, Kantha Sarees and Khesh Saree  of Bolpur, Shantiniketan and different hand woven, pure Handloom Sarees Designs etc.


  • Tants- Tant Saree Designs of Bengal are perfect to fight back the hot and humid summer. Pure and classic tants of Shantipur, Dhaniyakhali have muslin touch with pure cotton threads offering subtle, stylish looks, closer to the Bengali tradition.


  • Jamdani- jamdani sarees price are internationally acclaimed and all time favourite of the Bengali ladies. These lightweight, unique and unparalleled Handloom Sarees Designs of Bengal (West Bengal as well as Dhaka, Bangladesh) are immensely into the root of Bengali tradition. The style of these sarees, designs (the unique motifs like peacock, blossoms, tribal etc.) and presentation is exclusive to Bengal.


  • Pure Mulberry Silk- Murshidabad and Bishnupur (Small village town of Bankura) are the two centres of Pure Mulberry Silk producer of Bengal. And these two places are also well acclaimed for their hand-painted, woven, and embroidered Pure Silk Sarees.   


  • Baluchari- Another heritage of the Bishnupur village is the Baluchari. Particularly concentrated within the Baluchar area of Bishnupur, this saree is an example of ancient Bengali legacy. These sarees are internationally acclaimed and highly valued for the unique weaving style and classic weaving patterns of full bloom, Lord Krisna stories, intricate peacock motifs etc. These striking sarees showcase the Bengali heritage within 6 yards.


  • Garad Silk- Mainly of Murshidabad, the Garad silk sarees are best to showcase the classic White & Red Bengali traditional look. These sarees mostly come with Red  broad border and pallu with a Milky White or Off White body, embellished by intricate zari butti in body and lustrous pallu. The border and pallu color also come in different colors to meet the requirement. These sarees are mainly designed to suit the bengali Puja looks and other auspicious occasion.


  • Kantha Work- Kantha weaving sarees better named as Nakshikantha (derives from bengali word Naksha means Design) is purely Shantiniketan originated. Closely connected to Tagore’s land, these sarees are ruling the international saree market for decades. There won’t be a single person who is not in love with the legacy of Nakshi Kantha. Intricately hand embroidered on tussar, pure silk, Kerala Cotton Sarees, Shantiniketani Kantha Stitch sarees are one of the most highly acclaimed traditional sarees of Bengal.


The industry of Bengal Handloom as well as Traditional Bengal Sarees are growing rapidly and consistently. Hence, there are number of fashion houses that have been set up to offer tradition of Bengal confined within the magical 6 yards. And, Bursana is one of those leading names in the industry, serving for offering you your saree dreams. Get in touch with us to weave your wish successfully.

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