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Get your Wardrobe a Makeover with Traditional Bengali Sonamukhi Silk Sarees

Speaking of the same, I would like to take you through the various types of saris found in Bengal.

Things you have always wanted to know about Traditional Bengali Sarees

Often in the minds of Non-Bengali,  Traditional Bengali Sarees means the one and only White and Red border cotton sari.

select from a wide range of bengal silk sarees

In West Bengal, whether you are a Probashi or an expat, people strive hard to maintain thetradition in the festivals they celebrate.

bengal linen sarees and its weaving technique

Linen is considered as one of the oldest fabrics in the world and it is believed that it was discovered in Turkey in 7000 BC. In Indian history, linen has been ...

Reasons to shop online for traditional saris of Bengal

There are not just one but many advantages of online shopping of traditional saris of Bengal. Traditional saris of Bengal are popular not just in Bengal but ...

Deck up your festivities with Khesh saris of Bengal

Khesh saris are one such addition in the bucket of traditional saris of Bengal that we cannot do without today during festivals.