Hand Made Sarees

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Beautiful Hand Painted Kerala Cotton Saree From Bursana Fashion Designers
Beautiful Designer Hand Made Bursana Fashions Silk Hand Finished Block Printed Saree

The Hand Made Saree industry is one of the oldest and most traditional industries in India. Indian women, still prefer Hand Made Sarees, over the machine made variety, as every Hand MadeSaree is essentially Unique, No two Sarees can or will ever be the same. Each Saree has a unique & distinct character of its own.

The industry itself,  provides employment to millions of people and is an important part of the country’s economy. In some families, households have engaged in the same craft for generations and it’s a matter of pride to pass on the skill to the following generation. Its an Age Old Tradition.

However, the Hand Madesaree industry is facing many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the increasing competition from machine-made sarees. Machine-made sarees are cheaper and can be produced in large quantities. They definitely don’t have the same quality  of Hand Made Sarees, but a lot of customers opt for these Sarees, as they are cheaper.

The discerning customers however, are turning back to the Traditional Hand Made Sarees, both in India as well outside India.

Encouraged by the older generation, there is a growing demand for hand made & hand finished  Sarees, from the younger generation, who are looking for unique and traditional designs.

Whilst Machine Made Sarees have the advantage of producing at a cheaper price, The hand made saree industry  has the advantage of being able to produce sarees in a variety of  vibrant colors, designs, weave in unique embroidery or prints or combination.

Machine-made sarees can only be produced in a limited number of colors and designs and definitely cannot compete with Hand Made Sarees either in texture, quality or the cultural values.

We at Bursana, work with various Artisans and Weavers of Rural Bengal to Produce

Khesh Sarees, also called Shantiniketan Khesh Sarees also called MulMul Cotton Sarees

Cotton Linen Saree or Cotton Silk Linen Saree and Designer Linen Sarees

Traditional Bengali Saree

Designer Hand Made Hand Finished  Sarees

Designer Saree Party Wear

Designer Sarees for Wedding

Soft Cotton Sarees

Designer Cotton Sarees

And Many Other Categories


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