Khesh Saree

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The Khesh Saree – a versatile and stylish saree that can be worn for any occasion especially in summer or sultry weather. Its light weight and soft to the touch. Most Khesh Sarees have a Pallu Made of Gurjari, hence the popular term “Best Gujarati Saree”, although technically the correct term is Gurjari. Together the Cotton Base and Using the Gurjari Prints some of the best Khesh Cotton Saree you can get. The myriad of designs and combinations are virtually endless and the making of these sarees.

The Khesh Saree is made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that makes it perfect for any season,  and to wear for any reason (Occasion), from a formal event to a casual get-together. a versatile and stylish saree that can be worn for any occasion and is in great demand across India and wherever Indians reside.

Different ways to wear a khesh Saree
  • Drape the khesh saree around your neck like a shawl, with a knot to highlight the styling.
  • Wear it the traditional way
Making of  Khesh Sarees

It was in Shantiniketan, Birbhum we first chanced upon Khesh weaving – a tradition which has been practiced for decades. The weaving technique essentially involves tearing old sarees into thin strips – the warp has the new thread and the weft uses the thin strips of sarees. The Pallu is made of Gurjari Prints, sometimes called Gujarati Print.

Khesh sarees are made from a type of cotton fabric. The fabric is woven on a loom using a technique known as khesh. This type of saree is very popular in Bengal and in Southern Parts of India. Large Parts of the Khesh Industry is entirely Dependent on exports to Indians living across the World.

The saree is made up of two main parts – the body and the border. The body of the saree is typically white or off-white in colour, while the border is usually a bright, vivid colour.

The other combination is a very colourful body, with a plainer Pallu.  Expect the unexpected with Khesh Sarees. The myriad colour combinations are virtually infinite and to top it all they are almost entirely made by hand. What looks so effortlessly done is actually the work of extreme hard work and top artistry.  

The saree is usually worn with a blouse that matches the border of the saree. The blouse piece is normally woven into the saree, and after purchasing the saree, the owner gets it tailored to custom measure. The blouse is usually buttoned up at the back and has short sleeves. The saree is also worn with a petticoat, which helps to keep the saree in place. Most Khesh Sarees are very light and translucent therefore a petticoat is a good idea.

To wear a khesh saree, the saree is first wrapped around the waist, with the loose end of the saree being draped over the shoulder. The petticoat is then tucked into the waistband of the saree. The blouse is then put on and buttoned up at the back.

The khesh saree is a beautiful and traditional type of saree that is perfect for special occasions. If you are looking for a saree that is both stylish and comfortable, then a khesh saree is the perfect option for you.

Accessories With Khesh Saree

You can wear Khesh Sarees with virtually any kind of ornaments, but Silver and Brass Or Antique Jewellery definitely fits this Type the best.

Chunky and heavy Accessories is the way to go on this one.

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