Description of this Black Kantha Embroidery Designer Saree

Black Kantha Embroidery Exclusive  Sarees In Combination of Katha Hand Stitched on Khesh Or Soft Cotton. Each piece is exclusive and only one of a kind. We are offering these exclusive designs on First come first served basis

The embroidery style known as kantha work, in this Black Kantha Embroidery Saree, originated in the eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent, specifically in the states of West Bengal and Odisha. “Kantha”  is the running stitch that is used to create the intricate designs on the fabric.   The ladies of the family would layer these textures and join them together utilizing the kantha line, making delightful and utilitarian things like covers, blankets, and tosses. Bright colors and intricate patterns are hallmarks of Kantha art, which frequently depicts flowers, animals, and other natural elements. The actual join are much of the time sporadic and lopsided, which adds to the appeal and character of the completed piece.  Modern designers are adapting and modernizing the traditional designs and techniques of kantha work while maintaining the ancient art form’s singular beauty and cultural heritage.


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Prepaid Only. Prepaid Options Are Plenty. Please Refer to the Payment Options for Details.

Instructions to Use

The saree is made utilizing normal colors and concentrates. Products made by hand may vary in texture, color, and print, as well as the weave. No matter what kind of fabric you have, we recommend that you only dry clean it.

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