Saree Description:

Double Tone Silk Saree, That means the same saree viewed from different angles look different in terms of color.  This saree is ideal for partywear, festivals & all types of evening occasions. Club it with golden jewellery, or wear it with light to no makeup.

This saree accentuates the look of the one wearing it, and adds an un paralled glamour quotient.

These Sarees are handcrafted by  specially skilled artisans. These artists have been  working on designing Sarees for generations. They know nothing else but how to make beautifully hand finished Sarees.

Color: –

Beautiful Rust and Purple Combination Saree

Saree Length: –

5.5 meters

Blouse Piece Length:-

80 cms

Mode of payments: –

PREPAID – as these Designer Sarees are Made Strictly to Order.

Wash: –

Dry clean only

Design No.:


FAQ Sonamukhi Silk Sarees

 Can you buy  Double Tone Silk Saree sitting at home?

Yes, you can buy Genuine Silk Sarees sitting at Home. Please click on this link.

Are Silk Sarees Suitable for Summer?

Yes Silk Sarees are suitable for Summer Wear.

Do Silk Sarees Allow your Skin to Breathe?

Yes, silk sarees absorb sweat, and allow your skin to breathe.

Can I buy Silk Sarees Prepaid?

Yes, you have to prepay for your Silk Sarees.

What is the price of  Bursana Fashion Tech, Silk Sarees ?

Good Quality Silk Sarees  price Ranges between Rs. 5999/- to Rs. 9999/-

Can you Wash Silk Sarees at Home?

Technically, yes you can.  Do refer to our blog on this.

Can you wear Silk Sarees to a Party?

Yes, wear Silk Sarees to Parties.

Can you wear Silk Sarees  daytime?

Yes you can wear,  Silk Sarees all through the day.

Can you wear Silk Sarees to Office?

Yes, you can,

Are Silk Sarees Prized Possessions?

Yes Silk Sarees Are Amongst the Most Prized Possessions of Ladies Who Wear Sarees.

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Weight 750 kg
Double Tone Silk Saree 2D