Bengali Jamdani Saree
Saree Description:

Bengali Jamdani Saree in Yellow color base soft exclusive jamdani saree with jamdani work You can wear this saree in all occasions specially Puja, Party, any occasion. Team it with a gorgeous pair of gold-colored jewelry. You will look stylish to wear the Bengal Hand Finished Pure Traditional Dhakai Jamdani Saree. Impress everyone with your amazing traditional look by this saree.

Work details: –

Jamdani is a woven fabric in cotton, and it is one of the varieties of the finest muslin. It has been spoken of as the most artistic textile of the Bangladeshi weaver. They are traditionally woven around Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is a supplementary weft technique of weaving, where the artistic motifs are produced by a non-structural weft, in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together. Though mostly used for sarees, Jamdani is also used for scarves and handkerchiefs. Jamdani is believed to be a fusion of the ancient cloth-making techniques of Bengal (perhaps 2,000 years old) with the muslins produced by Bengali Muslims since the 14th century.

Material: –

Soft Jamdani Cotton

Color: –


Saree Length: –

5.5 meters

Mode of payments: –

NEFT (Bank Transfer), COD (Cash on delivery), cash transfer and credit card payment.

Disclaimer: –

Actual product color may vary slightly due to screen resolution and digital photography

Wash: –

Dry clean only

Design No.:

BE J 6

FAQ Jamdani Saree
 Can you buy  Jamdani Saree sitting at home?

Yes, you can buy Jamdani Saree sitting at Home. Please click on this link.

Are Jamdani Saree Suitable for Summer?

Yes Jamdani Saree are suitable for Summer Wear.

Are Jamdani Saree Suitable to wear throughout the year?

Yes you can wear Jamdani Saree through the year.

Do Jamdani Saree Allow your Skin to Breathe?

Yes, Jamdani Saree absorb sweat, and allow your skin to breathe.

Can I buy Jamdani Saree Prepaid?

Yes, you have to prepay for your Silk Sarees.

What is the price of  Bursana Fashion Tech, Jamdani Saree ?

Good Quality Jamdani Saree  price Ranges between Rs. 2499/- to Rs. 5999/-

Can you Wash Jamdani Saree at Home?

Technically, yes you can.  Do refer to our blog on this.

Can you wear Jamdani Saree to a Party?

Yes, wear Jamdani Saree to Parties.

Can you wear Jamdani Saree  during the day?

Yes you can wear,  Silk Sarees all through the day.

Can you wear Jamdani Saree to Office?

Yes, you can,

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Weight 750 kg
Bengali Jamdani Saree in Yello...